Joaquín Urbina
Creative Mixed-Media Director
Visual Artist & Motion Designer.

Daedelus, Make it So
Music Video
Role: Collage, Direction, Editing


Eccentric electronic maestro Daedelus approached our former studio No-Domain to help him bring to life the video for "Make it so".

Inspired on the readymade approach of movements such as Dada and Surrealism and with direct references to the assemblages of Joseph Cornell and Steampunk. 

Showcased at the Krakow Film Festival


Directed by Joaquín Urbina.
Co-direction by Ivan Larraguibel
Production: No-Domain
Art Direction & Assemblages:
Joaquín Urbina, Ana Gale, Ivan larraguibel
Record Label: Ninja Tune
Director of Photography: Juan Carlos Vega

April 2008