Joaquín Urbina
Creative Mixed-Media Director
Visual Artist & Motion Designer.

TERENCI: La Fabulación Infinita
Opening Titles
Client: Mañana, Filmin
Role: Direction, Art, Edition, Animation



Opening titles for “TERENCI, La fabulación Infinita”, a documentary series about Terenci Moix, “one of the most relevant and popular figures in literature and television in Spain in the second half of the 20th century”.

In this piece, made frame by frame, we have explored new processes of analog and digital artisanal animation. It was an authentic journey to compose this mixed-media puzzle around the character of this multifaceted writer.

direction DEDO CIEGO
client MAÑANA
production house FILMIN, MAÑANA, RTVE

graphics, animation, edit DEDO CIEGO (Ana Gale, Joaquín Urbina)
original music HIDROGENESSE
film director MARTA LALLANA
executive producer MARTÍ TORREBADELLA


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